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A private multi- disciplinary paediatric practice, we are a passionate group of occupational therapists, physiotherapists, speech and language pathologists, remedial educators, clinical psychologists, counsellors and educational kinesiologists committed to provide holistic care as therapeutic, educational and family centric services for children who have delays in development, disabilities or are at risk of both.

Our Mission

To consistently treat children with neurological and developmental disabilities and developing specific care plans by liaising with parents, caregivers, doctors, teachers and other professional from the industry.

Our vision

To look beyond the special needs of children and provide them with holistic care services which ultimately tap their unlimited potential and prepare them for a successful life.

Core Values

To bridge the gap between disability and ability, despair and hope, exclusion and inclusion.

founder and director of therapy services

Dr. Mahek Uttamchandani

Director of Therapy Services

Dr Mahek is a paediatric OT and neuro- rehab consultant with over a decade of experience in treating children with neurological and developmental disorders.
Mahek completed her graduation in Occupational Therapy from Seth G S Medical College and KEM Hospital in 2005. She had been a gold medalist for four consecutive academic years at the state level (MUHS) during her graduate years.
After completing her post graduate training in the NDT/ Bobath technique from the Bobath Center, London in 2008, she trained in treating young babies (0-2) with the NDTA, USA. She has also completed her Early Intervention and Baby treatment from the Bobath Centre, London, UK.
Apart from her training in Theratog Application, Developmental Biomechanics and Handwriting without Tears, Mahek is an internationally licensed and accredited Brain Gym 101 instructor.
She is also certified in Sensory Integration from WPS and the University of Southern California.
She is a certified provider of the Therapeutic Listening Program and a certified autism intervention specialist.
She also specializes in Neonatal therapy and has completed her Family And Infant Neurodevelopmental Education program ( Level 1 and 2) from the NIDCAP Training Centre in London, UK. She is a certified SOFFI ( Safe Oral Feeding For Fragile Infants) therapist. She is also certified in the General Movement Assessment (Prechtl) and the Brazelton Neurobehavioral Assessment Scale (NBAS) from the Brazelton centre in Cambridge.
She has conducted several professions training workshops and trained hundreds of professionals all over the country. She works collaboratively with a number of schools to help develop comprehensive plans of care for children that struggle in school. She has presented at many national and international conferences and is a part of multiple research projects

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Huge experience (14 years-full time) of providing paediatric occupational therapy services. Case load includes children with Cerebral Palsy, Developmental Delay, Early Intervention and Screening for high Risk Neonates, Allied neurological conditions like Downs’ syndrome, ADD, ADHD, PDD, Autism Spectrum disorder, Sensory processing disorder, Muscular dystrophies, Spinal Tube defects, Learning disabilities associated with poor handwriting and hypotonia, congenitally Acquired conditions like CTEV, CDH and Arthrogryposis Multiplex congenital, other genetic and metabolic conditions affecting typical growth and development.

1. Through knowledge of working with special needs children, school based therapy techniques, child development and identifying the contributions of the sensory integrative systems in child development.
2. Immense ability to follow best practices in education and prepare occupational therapy plans for children.
3. Exceptional ability to use the theoretical frameworks of Neurodevelopmental theory and Sensory Integration theory to formulate holistic treatment plans for children from birth to 16 years of age, in collaboration with other professionals.
4. Early intervention services and Developmental screening.
5. Neonatal Therapist, providing early developmental care in the NICU. Extensive training in early assessment(using the Prechtl, NBAS Brazelton and other neurological assessments like the Hammersmith) and providing individualized family centered developmental supportive care to preterm and high risk infants.
➢ Consultant Pediatric and Neonatal Occupational Therapist at Sir H N Reliance Foundation Hospital since June 2018 till date.
➢ Consultant pediatric and Neonatal Occupational Therapist at SRCC Children’s' Hospital, Mumbai Since July 2018 till date.
➢ Director of therapy services and Paediatric-Neuro-rehabilitation consultant at Stepping Stones Paediatric Therapy Centre, Mumbai, India from August 2008 till date.
➢ Pediatric and Neonatal Therapist and Early Intervention specialist at Hinduja Healthcare Surgical Hospital, Mumbai, India from August 2016 till March 2018.
➢ Consultant Occupational therapist, JBCN International school from June 2015 to August 2016.
➢ Former Team Coordinator and Consultant Occupational Therapist at Don Bosco Prafulta, Matunga, Mumbai from August 2015 till April 2016.
➢ Paediatric occupational therapist at Paediatric Neuro Development Clinic and Research center, Tardeo since from 2005 to 2010.
▪ Member of All India Occupational Therapists association (Reg No: 051101 Academic Council of occupational Therapy)
▪ Member of Maharashtra State OT/PT Council (Reg. No.:2010/02/OT/000022.)
▪ Member of British association of Bobath Trained Therapists.
▪ Member of India Academy for Cerebral Palsy.
▪ Neonatal OT (Royal college of Occupational Therapist)


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