Gross motor skills Development & Difficulties

What are gross motor skills?
Gross motor or physical skills include the entire body movement and development. These skills involve the large or core muscles of the body to perform everyday activities. Gross Motor Skills are developed by utilizing the core muscles of the body in an organized and controlled manner. Gross motor skills can be developed through movements of arms and legs. A few activities to improve ross motor skills include,climbing, catching a ball, jumping on a trampoline, and running races. If the gross motor skills are not developed, the kid might face issues like:
1) Poor muscle development,
2) Delayed ability to play independently,
3)  Delayed play skills,
4) Delayed sensory development and ability to explore the environment,
5) Difficulty interacting with the environment,
6) Decreased ability to interact socially,
7) Lack of confidence in movement-based activities.

Why are gross motor skills important?
1) Gross motor skills enable children to perform everyday activities like, such as walking, running, playground skills like climbing and other skills like catching,throwing and catching a ball.
2) Gross motor skills also have an impact on other everyday activities like standing upright which might influence their academic learning functions like reading, writing or drawing.
3) Gross motor skills may also have an impact on the child & endurance to adapt to an entire day of school activities which include sitting upright, carrying the heavy school bag.
A child, without good gross motor skills, will battle with many days to day activities eating, stashing their toys, and getting onto and off the toilet. Children develop gross motor skills at various rates. But when young kids experience difficulty with those abilities, this can lead to difficulty in gross motor activities like jumping, running, andthrowing.

Significance of Gross Motor Skills:
The significant benefits of developing good gross motor skills include:
1) Good gross motor skills can have an impact on school activities like reading
and writing.
2) Regular physical movement can help to accomplish long-lasting good health.
4) improvements in the level of confidence and self-esteem.
5) Development in the ability to participate in games and activities with other children.
6) A better coping mechanism in the classroom.

How do gross motor skills develop?
Gross motor skills develop through training and practice which is the reason why an infant takes a long time to perfect the craft of moving, rolling, crawling or sitting. Kids should be exposed to different opportunities to move freely and try different resources to enable their abilities to develop.Components that affect gross motor development
Here are various factors that can influence and hamper the development of gross motor skills in children:
1) Excessive access to technology can deprive the kid of the opportunity to build up their physical motor skills in indoor and outdoor plays.
2) The presence of low muscle or high muscle tone can influence the child’s ability to control the muscles.
3)  Growing up in a secure and protected environment can be risky for the child & wellbeing.

What do challenges with gross motor skill difficulties look like?
Children with gross motor skill difficulties display the following:
1) Avoidance or disinterest in physical tasks,
2) Rush task execution of physical tasks,
3) Silly task performance of task they find challenging,
4) Telling others how to do the physical task,
5) Playing without effectively engaging themselves.
Gross Motor skills require entire body movement and include the core muscles of the body to perform ordinary functions, like standing, running, walking, and sitting upright. It also incorporates eye-hand coordination abilities such as ball throwing orkicking. For normal gross motor skill development to happen, the brain, nerves, spine and muscles should be undamaged. If any damage has occurred through accident or ailments, then the advancement of motor skills may be affected. With Stepping Stones PTC, get expert advice for your child. Consults our team of experts and let your child grow and develop confidently. To gain more information,
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